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Aziz Episode 13 :

  • Aziz Turkish Series starring Murat Yildirim and Damla Sbnmez, The son of the Payidar family, Antakya's largest and only carpet producer, Aziz payidar (Murat Yildirim), lives a prosperous and wealthy life. When the French representative Monsieur Pierre (Firat Tani) assassinates Aziz's son,lieutenant Andre, he is forced to move out of the country of his birth, his sole love, and everything he owns. Everyone is surprised when hereappears  two years after he was thought to be dead.
  • Nothing is the same as it used to be. Not only did Aziz lose everything he owned, but Antakya, which the French occupied, worsened even more than earlier when he arrived.  Aziz, who had to start over, was reborn from the ashes with his struggle for life. He will be in an emotional bind when Efnan (Simay Barlas), a simple  peasant girl, enters his life unexpectedly. After the intense emotional turmoil he experiences, he will eventually find both himself and his true love.Aziz Episode 13

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